TOKARA is the embodiment of GT Ferreira’s philosophy that good wine, good food and good art go together to make a good lifestyle. He wanted to share this with like-minded people, and TOKARA provides a facility where this can be experienced.

In discussions with the architects GT expressed what he considered important: the winery design had to have a Cape flavour and fit into the natural landscape unobtrusively. The final product was an award winning architectural design and building construct in which transparency and utilisation of both modern and traditional building material in an innovative blend were major design considerations.


Attention to detail is evident everywhere in the design of the facility and its contents. This became a golden thread in the TOKARA brand. Many hand crafted furniture and design elements were introduced in the public spaces. Two very different wine tasting spaces (public and private) were conceived in the original design.

The winery tasting room is the best place to taste the great wines produced by the winemaking team, surrounded by great works of art, including the stonework visible everywhere in the cellar – executed by a South African artist living in France. Over the years the obvious connection with art was extended to fine art, wine made art and very recently sculptures at the delicatessen. From the moment you arrive at TOKARA, you will be reminded that “making good wine is a skill, but making great wine is an art” – Robert Mondavi